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Welcome to EDAW ecommerce, design, advertising and web – internet marketing solutions for small business. This site has been set up as a resource for small business owners and website masters who are seeking out better ways to market their business online. EDAW stands for ecommerce, design, advertising and web, which are four of the most common areas when it comes to internet marketing.

eCommerce consists of the buying and selling of products or services over the internet and other computer networks. Ecommerce websites or shopping cart websites allow a seller to sell products and services over the iternet to shoppers searching online. One of the keys to success of selling online via an ecommerce shopping cart website is SEO.

At EDAW we specialise in building ecommerce websites using the latest open source software including:

Magento, Zen Cart, osCommerce, VirtueMart, Ubercart, PrestaShop and many others.

Design (Website Design) is the key element in website marketing that can determine how well you attract new customers and sales to your business. A well designed glamour photography website by a qualified website designer can make a significant difference to how potential new customers perceive your business.

EDAW website designers are trained in all aspects of web design including web layout, copywriting, url structure and call to action placement. We design websites using both open source software such as wordpress and joomla as well as custom website design using hand built code either in php or html and css. 

(Internet Advertising) is the backbone to all online activities carried out by webmasters and website owners. With so many websites now existing on the internet without internet advertising it is almost impossible to get anyone to visit your website. Putting photos on canvas can turn your digital photos into visually pleasing works of art. There are many forms of internet advertising solutions available however the two main forms of internet advertising that most people use is Google Adwords – Pay Per Click Advertising and SEO.

EDAW are experts in both Google SEO and Google Adwords.

(Website Marketing) is the No 1 most written about topic on the web when it comes to increasing website traffic and sales. Internet marketing companies, web designers, seo consultants and internet entrepreneurs have all jumped on the web marketing bandwagon. Demand is strong from small business owners wanting to find out how to get their websites to rank on the 1st page of Google and other leading search engines for keywords and phrases relating to their business.

Online Lead Generation is the process of generating new business leads or enquiries from the internet. Edaw run online marketing campaigns for all types of industries to help them increase new sales leads. In a recent campaign for Zumba Mentone, we set up a micro site to capture lead details from internet searches. The same lead generation process was applied to another site that helps users find gym locations. Online lead generation is our speciality, so call us for a quote.

Website Copywriting is the key to writing content that the search engines like. Understanding the amount of keyword density to be used on a page of content will help you pages get picked up by search engine spiders and rank higher. Website Copywriting is an art that not many traditional copywriters understand how to do, seo copywriting is an expertise that only top internet marketers really understand.

Popular website marketing strategies include, directory submissions, google adwords pay per click advertising, organic seo and search engine optimisation, link exchange, article writing and blog posting.

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